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New in Bahrain : Cake Boutique

كيك بوتيك افتحوا محلهم قبل فترة في سيف كورنر ، 
والحلو انهم متخصصين في الكيكات اللي على اشكال مختلفة حق مناساباتكم
حطيت بعض صور من كيكاتهم وتقدرون تزورنهم وتتعرفون على التصاميم اللي يوفرونها

So here’s a new addition to the Cake scene in Bahrain , and by the looks of the
designs of their cakes it’s a very tempting one to try ! They recently opened
their shop in Seef Corner ( the building on your way to City Center )

Cake Boutique specializes in baking cakes (ofcourse), and 
customizing the designs to your wishes.

Below are some of their designs , all very well executed . 


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