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Sandooqi is a home based business. Made with a mothers LOVE who is Montessori certified. Each box is made with love and put together with a mums heart and with a professional educators eye. The Mother knew that busy parents may not always have the time to come up with creative ideas to keep their children busy. That was when Sandooqi came in.With each box we promise to give unique experiences.Kids are always happy when they use their creativity and little hands making unique projects. Sandooqi boxes help children learn, feel achieved and gain confidence.We create tomorrows Leaders. . Sandooqi is great for helping in your child’s cognitive and fine motor skills. All activities are varied, unique and non-repetitive and able to stimulate creativity and analytical skills in your child.All the materials required to complete each activity are included in the box – from scissors to paints to brushes to glue to construction, tissue paper to canvases to glitter and so on – together with step-by-step instruction for each activity in the box. Sandooqi is appropriate for ages 3 to 11. All activities have been designed to be completed with the supervision of a parent or guardian. Sandooqi helps generate family memories and laughters and fun, as we believe that the warmth of the home and mom and kids and family lead to a successful confident tomorrow Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

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صندوقي هو مشروع منزلي مخصص للأطفال ، حيث يحتوي كل “صندوق” على العاب حسية وتعليمية للأطفال تم اختيارها بعناية فائقة من قبل صاحبة المشروع الحاصلة على شهادة مونتسوري التعليمية

صندوقي موجه للأطفال من سن 3 – 11 سنه ويركز على تنمية مهارتهم وفي الوقت نفسه يخلق فرصة رائعة للتواصل من خلال اللعب بين الإباء والامهات واطفالهم.

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