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Dr. Samar Anis

Dr. Mohei Medical Center, Flat 12, Building 1007, Road 1821, Zayed Town
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Life Coach, Samar Anis
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Dr. Samar Anis is a professional psychiatrist, life coach and counselor with 20 years of clinical experience in working with families, couples, and individuals, of all ages, and at various stages in their lives, and cycles of their relationships. Dr. Samar is also certified as a specialist in psychiatry, medicine and chronic mental illness, with a Master’s Degree in Neurology, and a PhD in Psychiatry. Dr. Samar is also a Member of American Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Samar’s work as a motivational life coach, who also happens to be a respected professional psychiatrist makes her the absolute right person to reach out and talk to; as her counseling methods, and coaching tools, are a result of years of experience with diverse individuals, and most importantly, are empowered by a solid scientific foundation in psychiatry and medicine. Dr. Samar is capable of addressing all types of issue profiles, as well as personality and trait profiles, by virtue of her education and experience. She is committed to getting individuals to who they deserve to be via employing the plethora of tools within her access.

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